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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
I've been doing my part. My last blitz of posts were inspired by Breck's ton of posts last season.

Got out with NDuncan today. Took lots of pictures. Now if only someone could find my camera, I'd be happy to post a report

Probably right below island where Buck Fork comes in as that's where I changed. Or I guess it could be somewhere on the Buck Fork manway. Anyone want to fish there tomorrow?

Probably gonna have some posts that look similar to FlyReds until I can find or buy another camera

But to seriously answer your question - all internet boards whether it be fishing, boating, etc are way on decline. Not sure if social media now is primary source for so many, or if the thrill of the new technology of boards has just grown old with many.

The reason my post are not as colorful as others with photos is that I have not been able to get my pics to upload. I do the same thing I did for years and they would upload but now when I try it always tells me upload is unsuccessful. Since that started I got to where I never even take a camera with me anymore.
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