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Thanks for posting. Unless my camera was on the manway, I believe where I changed is underwater so my camera is probably long gone

Just couldn't motivate myself to go back up there yesterday.

Least the rain came I hope the fisherman out today are being cautious and react quickly to changing situations

Little river is already above 3 feet ,and Tellico rose from 2-5 feet in 30 minutes

Ooh and has anyone else who keeps fish ever notice calcium deposits in trout's stomach? I found 2 that are the size of a pea in a Brookie we kept, and had never seen it before. When I goggled it, I came up with visceral granuloma. Only real reference to wild Brookie said that because of acid deposition some metals are leached into the water. Not even sure if this is the cause, and will be asking our fisheries biologists. I will try and get a picture of them and post it.

Nathan it was great to get out there with you, hopefully we can do it again soon

And yes manways through rhodo are always better when you stay on them It's amazing how hot you get from swimming through it. I downed all my water, and was real glad I had filled it before we started. I figured out my error. As I was following sign from the week previous I missed the spot where we back tracked by that down hardwood where we should have angled down to the right at 45 degrees which would have led us right down to where we saw the old piece of flagging from my waypoint. For a path that is so obvious in the winter, it can sure be hard to find in the end of May with lush growth everywhere. I'll do my best not to get us "displaced" next time.
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