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Default Too little to late for Aubie

I am the first to admit that northern water snakes look a lot like copperheads, especially when you first see them between your legs. This is why I stomp the snot out of them before properly IDing serpents later at autopsy. A vivid case in point is what happened last week to Craig Haney, our Editor-At-Large for STM. He let Aubie, his 7 year terrier (not sure what kind as all of those Scots look alike to me), on the front porch of his home at Bluff Park, (a nice area of Birmingham with 7/24 electricity) where the mutt was promptly nailed on its nose by 18-inch copperhead. S700 worth of anti-venom later the pup is scrappy and expected to recover. Unfortunately, according to Craig, the copperhead did not survive the incident. It was cleanly dispatched by a Remington 1100 spitting #7s. No vet bill for the viper. What was it Tecumseh Sherman said about copperheads? Oh yeah, the only good copperhead is a dead copperhead.
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