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Default Sound advice

I agree about killing copperheads and rattlers in the park. You do not want to get caught doing so. This pretty well rules out shooting them unless you have a silencer (this are readily available on the Internet). Were I to kill a copperhead in the park, and I am certainly saying I would, I would however dispose of the carcass off trail and probably not report my action at the Sugarlands. Heaven knows the rangers have enough to do guiding people to see lightening bugs than to waste their time arresting you dispatching one more headache (waiting to strike...) and pistol wiping additional information from you would be a waste of valuable time and resources. Of course, if you are Catholic, I would recommend getting off your chest the next time you go Mass. We Holy Rollers fess up using our DIRECT LINE, you know, sorta cutting out the middleman.
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