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Default Grass is good!

Got out a bit tonight to check out a little pocket i had been eyeing for a while. The water was up and the wind was blowing into the pocket making it darn near perfect. I started strong with the wiggle minnow on the grass lines but had no luck. feeling that the bass would be back in the nasty stuff i tied on a big nasty deer hair frog and still no hits. at this point I got a bit discouraged and was hearing the ever telling brim and bait "pops" from the mat. So I did what any fly rodder would do to boost some confidence and decided to catch a few quick ones. I went with my go-to smaller popper and a woolly-bugger dropper. On the second cast I felt a slight tug, figuring it was a submerged grass I gave a solid tug to free the dropper. To my dismay the grass began to make a run to deeper water FISH ON!!!! after a short battle that involved Mr Large-mouth turning back into the weeds and a footrace to the mat to lip her out of the pads, she was officially fish in hand! Nothing like a solid bass to bend the 7wt! you simply cant beat a big black woolly bugger no matter what.

With my confidence renewed I decided best put my head down with 30 min of day light remaining to get my frog on. Not long after another glutton obliged and I had my second bass in 10 minutes. Making it better was seeing the gear fishers standing on the bank who must have thought me crazy for wading up to my waist in a mud hole!

Until next time.........Tight Lines to all and to all a good night

there is a reason they dont call it "catching"
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