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Originally Posted by TylerG10 View Post
After I had a pretty good day on Saturday, my buddy from Montana was in town for a few days and we hit The Clinch yesterday afternoon. He is a guide out there and has fished all over the world but never been on The Clinch.

I have been bragging to him that The Clinch has been fishing pretty good right now. With that said, we fished for probably 2 hours without the first bite or even seeing a fish rise. He finally hooked up with a dang nice rainbow that was 18-20 inches. In all, there was no hatch and it was really slow. It seemed the action started right at dark and the fish were really picky to what they were taking.
He Tyler, Sorry you and your buddy had a slow day when you wanted the Clinch to show off. What part of Montana does your friend live in? I've got relatives there and go there as often as finances and the wife allow.
Where were you fishing yesterday? I was there early and did OK. If you want to , email me at and we can talk some about places to target on the river. By the way, the Cooke's stores in Cleveland used to be good customers of mine.

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