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Thanks for the link, bigsur. Yes, the stocking schedule says they stock trout in both locations, and you wouldn't think it would be so hard to figure out how to get to them. I forgot to mention that forest service roads were gated shut miles away from the water when I attempted to access Cane Creek, both from the south and from the north. That's frustrating after driving so far, and I'm willing to try hiking a mile or two again if I just know for sure where I'm going! It would be a bad place to get lost.

I got a reply from someone on the Sheltowee Trace Facebook page saying that the trail does go alongside the Laurel tailwaters; it's just hard to find because it's at the top of the hill before you get to the boat ramp and is sometimes overgrown with weeds. They thought the river might be accessible from it though.

If you're interested in fishing that far south on trips to Louisville, I recommend checking out Rock Creek near Stearns, KY if you haven't already. It's close to the TN line. It's a nice place to fish; my husband and I just don't get down there very often but we really enjoyed it when we were there. He has been flyfishing for a long time but isn't that familiar with local waters because he moved here from Oregon. I've lived here all my life but am relatively new to flyfishing. It would be nice to make connections with other flyfishers in our area who already know the ropes, but it doesn't seem nearly as popular here as it is down in TN or up in the Bluegrass. I'd like to see that change!
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