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You know, the more I poke around the more I'm leaning toward the Nolichucky. Looks like at least 3 good options starting with Fred's suggestion of the Banks Farm Campground near Midway, a little further upstream is the Davy Crockett BP Park near Limestone then, as Troutman pointed out, there seems to be a pretty popular section all the way up at Erwin (maybe too popular?). A search of the forum archives turned up a few threads from around 2008 or so, but nothing much more recent than that. Troutman, or anybody else who might want to chime in here, what were your experiences like on the different sections? Any of them you liked better than others? Of course, I guess I could always setup camp in the middle at Davy Crockett and fish around there one day, go upstream to Erwin another day, then downstream to Midway on yet another day. Try them all and see what's what sort of thing. Anyway, any additional input I can get is most certainly welcome.
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