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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Thanks for sharing your awesome adventure; I suppose you hiked up a good distance? I love catching brookies in pretty places.

My much younger cousin Chris hiked up to Ramsey falls the other day and shared awesome pictures & video but cautioned me on the treachery of the steep hike with my heart, fused ankle and back problems.... looks like I will only be able to enjoy Upper Greenbriar through the experiences of you young guys. Keep the pic's and stories coming; greatly enjoyed....

The river is howling now; so you'll likely not fish it this week-end and have a chance at finding your camera.

We should all put our name on stuff so if found it might be returned; so easy to drop stuff in rugged places.... I dropped a cell phone in the snow while deer hunting in Maine... fortunately I followed my footprints in the snow and kept dialing with another phone until I found it!
Depending on the day we hiked up just far enough till it starts to climb

Then we hit the river to avoid the beautiful, but tougher than elevation grade would make you think, rest of hike to the falls

River is at 1.9 this morning which is a healthy low flow - For Boating
Probably too high for a recovery mission tomorrow as well

My info should be on the memory card, but where I lost it doesn't get fished much due to remoteness, so unless a hardcore off-trailer or fisherman finds it. At least it's silver

I'm heading your way now, and if I lived at your house my commute sure would be shorter.

And there are several roadside spots that offer excellent fishing to old decrepit Men who can no longer wander the wilderness
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