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I realize you've already bought another camera and this thread is a bit old but I thought I would throw in my two cents. I use the GoPro Hero with the chesty mount. I use it for video when out wandering streams. Pics or it didn't happen right. The only real issue I've had with mine is I accidentally switched it to sport picture mod and when I went to upload my video I was surprised with about 2500 pictures taken about 5 seconds apart. I believe with the newer versions of the camera getting the lcd screen attachment and still being able to use the waterproof case is an option. Although my GoPro takes good pictures it still lacks any real way of taking a pin point picture due to the lcd screen being optional and the lack of a zoom. When it comes down to video it works very well. I'm looking to pick up a waterproof camera for pictures soon since I do get a little nervous getting out my unprotected phone to snap a picture.

Just another thing about the GoPro video. I noticed that when I use the GoPro CineForm software for cutting clips out of a long mostly boring video, it tends to kill the FPS on the clip. I've been checking into other video editing software to do this. Muvee has some promising software that I'm currently testing out as soon as I actually have enough clips to fit together for a decent length video (3-5 minutes). I'll repost when I figure it all out.

Good luck with the new camera and can't wait to see what kind of pictures it takes.
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