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Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
Any news on how all this rainfall will affect the Hiwassee?
The Hiwassee is set to begin spilling tomorrow. Total release will be about 3000 cfs from the generators and 2000 from the spillway. The river might be stained for a day or so but water quality shouldn't be an issue.This flow will be unfishable for wading anglers....unless casting from the bank. Boaters will still do fine.

Hiwassee Dam is generating heavy and Apalachia will act like a weir by letting it all go whether by turbine or spillway. So I'm expecting the water over the spillway to still be fairly cool. It will blend at the powerhouse and should be just fine for a week or so.

Overall this will just be an inconvienance for wade fishermen on the Hiwassee.....and the Clinch too for that matter. But, Like Joe C feared,it could be a rough summer and harsh fall for the Cherokee tailwater.
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