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Default Droppers all morning, dry all afternoon

Ducky and I headed back out on Saturday and decided not to go on a camera retrieval mission because the potential for sketchy weather and headed elsewhere.

After the hike in with a tag along from Ohio who wanted to see what flyfishing was about and he watched from the trail while we fished the first little stretch.

I quickly picked up my first rainbow on the dropper

Big Trees

Ducky was having goods results and was mostly catching them on the dropper as well like this hefty guy

Ducky catching another good one

But it turned out to be a Hairy-Taled Mole (or what's left of it, I originally thought it was a shrew)

Then species started to switch up

For a little while the weather looked great


Another good brookie

And my best fish of the day:

A 9.5" rainbow who was very meaty!

I decided at this point to take a break and eat lunch. At which point it started to rain...

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