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Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
A buddy and I went out yesterday searching for smallmouths. We came up on a feeding frenzy of what appeared to be trout. I got my fly rod out with 5x tippet and threw one of the 3 dry flies I had. I got a hit instantly and broke my tippet. I knew we weren't messing with trout (even though they were sipping bugs and looked just like trout rises). I tied on some 3x and my next to last dry and had a ball wearing these little Tennessee Tarpon out. Anyone ever catch these on the fly? They averaged about 15-18 inches and were little fighters. It was one of my favorite days fishing.
I haven't had the opportunity to fish for skippys this Spring , but last year on the Holston, me and a buddy wore them out (and they wore us out as well) using clousers. We didn't think about dry flies, which would have been a blast.

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