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Smile Thanks for a great day

I'm used to the typical question by tourists but have never had one follow me to the river before. He hiked in with us for over a mile and a half just to watch us fish a hundred yards of stream. Was a nice enough guy and I was glad to land a fish for him to see

Glad you made the call to push on when it first started raining. The fish really turned on after that

That mole really gave me a scare when I about jumped on top of him. Usually my girlish screams are reserved for bears and poisonous snakes

And I will be going on a camera retrieval mission soon. My Dad is in town on Friday for the weekend, and I'm leading a hike to Gregory Bald (anyone welcome to join) on Sunday so it won't happen this weekend, but I'm dying to get back up there

And if the camera never surfaces, I dropped $50 on another used pentax optio so my post starting next week will be back to having pictures.
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