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It's not just snakes to look out for, with the Clinch releases this week so strong, I made a quick trip Tuesday night to one of my Smokey mountian after work holes to get a fix. On the way back I turned into Metcalf near dusk to take advantage of the bathroom facilities. I was talking to a gentleman and his wife about his fishing day when he said " Is that a coyote?". Not more than 20 yards from us working between the picnic tables like a bird dog on point was a good sized coyote about the size of a small thin german shepherd. Seeing one that close and not caring about us at all was kind of startling, he never looked at us and could have cared less. There wa a family in the next parking area so gave them a heads up and headed home. So now add coyotes to the snake, bear, falling limbs, too fast water, and crazy tourists list!
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