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Default Snake observations

As a casual observer / listener I have noted a few trends:

1) Snake sightings = good fishing / good hunting. Seems like whenever someone spills the beans in a public manner someone else always says "oh but my oh my there are a whole lot of snakes, copperheads and rattlers in there - fierce ones too that are not scared of people". I now write off locations if I can't locate at least one anecdote about the copperheads in the area.

2) Every snake in East TN is a copperhead.

3) Copperheads have an amazing ability to carry hoses & rope and have a propensity to leave them behind as evidence of their passing. This observation is based on five years as a homeowner's association president in a very urban neighborhood that has what I believe to be the highest density of copperheads in the world... And excellent fishing in two small lakes.


Urban coyotes sightings associated with recent departures of neighborhood cats / dogs are usually made by the wife of the neighbor who was recently complaining the most about the missing cat / dog bothering their garden, bird feeder, garbage can etc.


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