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in greenbriar one day a few years back, i was standing on a rock a few feet from the bank, fishing with a green weenie. yes, i was a noob at the time, and when i got done scaring the crap out of everything in that particular hole, i turned to see a big water snake on the shore where i hoped to exit. i have dealt with these before and know they can have a mean streak. i spent a few minutes trying to gently coax it along with my rod tip, but this only aggravated it into biting my rod. so i decided to use a technique that has served me well in the past when i was stuck on a big rock with copperheads and no other way out. i slapped him across the back with my rod tip. most snakes get the hint and head outta dodge, but this one didn't. instead it had a score to settle with me, and dropped into the water and was coming after me. i simply jumped over it as it got close to my rock, then used a long stick to hurl it into the middle of the river as it was following me back to shore. i hated to do that, as i used to keep several species of snake and reptiles, and have a great respect for all herps. but this thing had an aggression i have never seen before, with the possible exception of blood pythons
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