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Originally Posted by Float On View Post
JoeFred, I was down at LRO today when a set of those maps got delivered. Those are some very nice looking maps and look extremely helpful for someone like myself.

Just curious, do those maps work with an android tablet?
How cool you got to be there at the time. Great place, huh? The package was actually the digital set of 44 Park stream maps on a USB flash drive. Daniel expected to have the display up today, possibly on the wall behind the counter.

Good question you have. Yes they will work on an Android tablet (or iPad), but ideally on a 10 inch one. Mine is a Samsung Tab2 7.0 so there is a good bit of zooming involved. Also the individual map PDFs average about 10 MB, which might be an issue in terms of speed.

HOWEVER, the free download of the 44 maps for mobile devices is back. (Lower res and lacking some of the bells & whistles the others on the USB flash drive have.) Please refer to the thread "FREE: 44 Park Maps Download for Mobile Adobe Reader app (iPad/iPhone/Android Devices)"
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