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Originally Posted by Float On View Post
I've been wanting to start taking some overnight trips and I've been looking at gear. The list of camping gear is very overwhelming. I've already decided on using a hammock instead of a tent. What it comes down to is the smaller items. What I'm looking for is the essentials. I don't really plan on doing more than a night or two seeing how I'm solo most of the time.
I am also new to the backpacking experience, as I went on my first one a little over a month ago. However, I built my gear list using the REI checklist as a starting point. Of course I added and subtracted from it to suit my needs. I then developed a spreadsheet that lists all my gear and weights of each so I can determine how much I am carrying before I get everything packed. Below is the link to the REI checklist:

Like most everything in our sport you can make your gear list as complicated, simple, cheap, or expensive as you like.

One thing to remember when doing a backpacking fishing trip, is that fishing gear weights can add up quickly. Wading boots (>2.5 lbs), fly boxes (8 oz), reel (8 oz), etc. What surprised me this past weekend while car camping in the park was how many people were wearing waders. Save yourself the trouble if backpacking and leave the waders at home, you don't need them.

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