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Those links all look pretty good. So outfitting totally depends on what you want to do, and how much you want to spend. Some things I would add to this is when you buy, especially the more expensive items, think about getting gear that will be useful for anything you might plan on doing.

Backpacks: if all you are ever going to do is overnighters, just by a daypack with lash points to attach gear. If you plan on doing anything longer, go with a bigger pack. If you pack carefully, you can pack for a week long trip in a medium sized bag. The really large bags are too heavy for an overnighter, not to mention that you would probably have to pack extra un-necessary stuff just to keep you gear from slopping around while you hike.

Stoves: how are you going to eat? Are you just going to do things like cup-a-soups/ramens? Then save money and weight with an alcohol stove or a Sterno stove. If you plan on more gourmet stylings, there are lots of options, and they can be expensive.

You said you are planning on a hammock, so we won't talk about tents. Hammocks will save you on a lot of weight, so that is good.

Sleeping bag: remember it can get pretty cool in the park at night, so plan accordingly.

Hydration: I don't care for the taste of tablets, so I have a water filter. Tablets are initially cheaper and lighter, but I have had the same filter (ceramic type) for years, and no problems.

Here are some other tips. For a plate - frisbee. It's a plate and entertainment. Farm fresh eggs do not need to be refrigerated for up to a week. The hard part for that is keeping them from cracking, so pack carefully. Pack everything in zip-locks, this will help protect things from getting wet (or eggs on them if you didn't pack well) and make it easier to find stuff without unpacking your whole pack. If you do lash things to the outside of your pack, like your wading boots, lash them tightly. If they are swinging back and forth, it wastes your energy. Keep things compact and tight.

Hope this was somewhat helpful.
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