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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
Awesome looking redbreast. Man I love summer, now if the **** rain would stop blowing out my haunts every week life would be perfect. I'm worn out with the trout stuff.
Its has been a difficult year to fish the lower elev. freestones and the tailwaters due to all the rain and round the clock generation schedules. I had to cancel my yearly float trip to the Holston proper with Randy last week due to storms and I feel sure most of the local guides are canceling a lot of trips also.
I always seem to be working when the river gets clear and low enough to fish and a thunderstorm blows in right before I get off work. With the ground staying saturated, it does not take much to raise the river with muddy runoff.
This is the first day this week since the rain on Monday that the LP is low and clear enough to fish and it still only has about 6" of visability.
Gonna have to get in more of these quick outings I guess till the weather cooperates and things get back to normal.
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