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Originally Posted by buzzmcmanus View Post

Nice report. Were those mushrooms growing off a piece of wood or out of the ground. I'm can't tell with my phone. If they're growing off wood, they may be oyster mushrooms. In which case you may be a little upset they didn't make the trip home with you. They make morels taste like cheap mac&cheese.

Disclaimer, noone reading this should eat anything because I think it may look like something based off a picture. Do not eat wild mushrooms unless you are 100% certain it is safe, or your drunk buddy who will try anything once does it first, and lives.

I believe you are right You made me pull out my Audubon field guide. I believe it was out of decaying wood or stump in the ground. Plus the fact that there were 3 more clusters. Add to that color is right for this time of year. I didn't check for toothed gill edges so other species can't be ruled out, but I believe you nailed it. I guess it could also be an umbrella polypore, but that is "Choice edibility" as well.

Anyone hiking to Ramsey's Cascade would easily find them

Also saw some Chicken mushroom on way to Gregory's Bald last weekend
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