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Default Wives and fly fishing

Nice to hear you and your wife had a nice time astream. Over the years I have had four wives that fished/hunted, and three that did not. Ironically, I have had the same number of bird dogs. I am smart enough not to make any comparisons, at least not on a public forum.

I will say this though, the key to enjoying a good bird dog is if the animal is willing to allow you to train it, that means it is hunting for you, not with you, but you think that you are hunting with it. Dogs know how to hunt. Dogs do not necessarily know how to hunt in such a way as to make you happy. Sometimes you have to go through a number of dogs to find one that you can train. You canít tell by the way they look, wag their tail, or how little or much they bark. They are all cute and loveable when puppies, but sooner or later you just donít want them sitting on your lap when you are watching television. Ideally, you want one that will silently take hand signals, fetch, sit on command, and one that does not whine too much when you are watching football games.

I ended up giving away Mrs. Kirk I and VI. Mrs. Kirk III and VI ran away. Mrs. Kirk V was utterly un-trainable, as was II to a lesser degree. The current Mrs. Kirk is working out well. So long as there is a play somewhere she can direct that gets her out of the compound now and then, she is happy. She doesnít know a fly rod from a fly swat, but she is a natural when it comes to taking commands.

Recently at the FFF event in NC, she met some female fly fishers. It looked like trouble until I offered to buy her a new sewing machine with all of the bells and whistles. She is quite content now making me a new smoking jacket.
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