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Originally Posted by buzzmcmanus View Post
Travis, nice report. What's this make for the year, a half dozen trips? Looks like your on your way towards meeting your goal.

I do believe I have already surpassed my total number of trips last year. However, the year is already half over now. We need to think about a follow-up overnight trip sometime in the next month or so...

Originally Posted by Streamhound View Post
How did your wife like the chair? Looking at one for same situation

Thanks for the tale we used to do same for quick weekends before the little one came along

I bought it to use on backpacking trips, and used it on the trip Buzz and I recently went on. However, a secondary benefit is that my wife can use it on day hikes like this. She thought it was very comfortable, although it took some getting used to balancing on two feet. I really like the seat and the concept, plus it packs down really small and is lightweight. I would definitely recommend giving one a try before buying, as it may not be for everybody. I contemplated getting an inflatable sit pad or a Crazy Creek chair, but didn't like either of those.

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