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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
Nice Post

Awesome to get out without the kids.

I'm not looking for your overlooked stream, but can you mind sharing how you ditched the kids

My wife would benefit from more Smoky Mountain time without the kids so if you could share

2 years is too long need to make a twice a year commitment to get her to come with you

Thanks for posting

Just put a jug of water and a box of animal crackers in the floor, and have a days worth of Transformers cartoons on Netflix...

Seriously though,we are blessed to have both of our families here in Knoxville, and the grandparents enjoy keeping the kids. Often they volunteer to only keep one at a time, but this weekend my mom kept them both Friday night. We try not to abuse this "resource" we have, so we also have a really good backup sitter that we can hire for anywhere from an hour to a full day whenever needed. Likewise, we try not to use her more than twice a month, and that is usually when my wife is really busy with work and needs somebody to entertain the kids.

I agree that two years is too long. She used to go with me every couple months, but those trips just slowly came to a stop. However, it probably didn't help that I only fished a handful of times all last year, limited opportunities for both her and myself.

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