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Travel across Ft Loudon dam then catch Tellico Pky. Turn left on hwy 72 and then right onto hwy 411. Turn left onto hwy 30 right after you cross the river. I can make it to Reliance in an hour from Lenoir City.

A lot of the river is wadable with two turbines running....especially if your wet wading and don't mind a short swim.

Most dependable areas are up near the powerhouse, on the south bank. Shallow flats run down the river for a quarter mile from the powerhouse.

Hike a little further down the tracks and much of the southern side of the river is wadable across from the rock wall (fox's cabin).

A lot of water can be accessed straight out of Towee Creek. (Small parking lot and boat ramp on north side of river)

Big Bend also has a lot of wadable water. (Big parking lot on north side of river)

Lots of pull offs on the north side of the river will offer a ledge to venture out on.
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