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Originally Posted by TylerG10 View Post
Just be mindful of your footing below. There are some areas that can go from being a foot deep to 9/10 feet. Good luck and report back!
The Hiwassee is my home water and TylerG10 makes a very good point with respect to footing. The base terrain of this river changes dramatically as you travel from the 315 bridge up-stream toward the powerhouse. The rocks are all cutback, can be slick and even dangerous if you are not familiar with this river and certainly when they are running water. Since you have not fished this river before, check the TVA website and see what the flow will be when you arrive, you will find it under the Apalachia Dam, not Hiwassee. I would advise to go there when they are not generating to become familiar with the terrain. Typically this time of year while under the "recreational schedule" on both Saturday and Sunday, the water is turned off from 6am until 10:00am with a pulse around 8. They turn one generator on at 10am and then 2 generators at 11:00, that is when the river becomes a sea of kayaks and drift boats. Once the water turns on, you can return to your car and drive down river back to the 315 bridge at Webb Brothers store and fish below the bridge for a couple hours longer before the higher water reaches there.

Rocky lists some good areas to fish, I would also advise that you take a wading staff with you when fishing up toward the powerhouse. If you do not have one, there is plenty of bamboo that grows around the area, just cut a nice piece and you are good to go.
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