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Default most exciting way to fish.....and most heart breaking

I have Been busy chasing the grass monkeys down south in Chatt town the past week. They got a huge FLW outdoors bass tournament going on this week and the lake is slammed. The Snookie and her Captin have been busy holding their own though.....

They say all the fish are deep but i say the gear fishermen are just using patterns that are just too big and noisy. I have no issue busting bass froggy style. every night Iím going out im getting plenty of blow ups that make my hear skip a beat, unfortunately i only manage to boat a fraction of the darn bass. The emotional roller coaster experienced when you see that fish destroy the fly, dive deep feel the rod load and begin frantically stripping only to lose the fish 2-4 seconds later is something you just dont get too much fishing for trout (at least to my knowledge). You see the fly rod is great for many reason but also falls short in some areas. Im noticing that my hook up ratio is much higher on the fly rod since the rods are so limber. The issue comes when im trying to keep the ba$ta#ds on the line. I have trouble keeping enough pressure on them while they are jumpng with a wad of grass on them as well.....guess you canít strip as fast as you can real....sigh any way i have been busy busting fish much to the chagrin of the others watching me

he he he

a few of my catches this week

Oh and i recently got my hands on a 8wt TFO Mangrove rod paired with a TFO BVK reel.....thats one sweet set up especially when paired with the Rio outbound short. it loads fast and carries a frog a long way yet still has enough back-bone to get some too the boat (no easy task). TFO is a great company to deal with and helped me out a ton....not sure i will ever buy a different brand rod after my recent experience.


the big un' so far

The vacuum

el' Mangrove
there is a reason they dont call it "catching"
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