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I bought a pair hoping to use them on the smallmouth rivers where I never wear waders. My opinion is they are one of the worst purchases of fly fishing gear I have ever made. The shoes were comfy, but the rubber sole sucks beyond description everywhere I tried it, which is about 6 rivers. I guess it is fine if a trip to the emergency room was my goal over the long run. A compound fracture while wading tepid bacteria infested warmwater rivers sounds miserable, so anything I can to do avoid that is wise

I bought a pair of the Korkers shoes which have the interchangeable soles, and they have been ten times better since I can use felt.

If you like the rubber soles and cleats then you might like those shoes. But for me they are worthless. I fish out of rafts and drift boats quite a bit, and cleats have no place anywhere near a boat. Also, I feel they do damage to the bottom, and are noisy as **** while wading.

What size do you wear? You can have mine.
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