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Originally Posted by surfdog View Post
I can't speak for the simms, I made a pair of wading sandel from a worn pair of of good strap sandels, glued a set of replacement felts to the bottom. they worked great except for the pebbles getting in. I prefer a closed shoe just more comfortable for me. Orvis used to make a sneaker like wading shoe that looked good,I'll have to look into the korkers shoe
I had two pairs of those Orvis shoes and they were great, and well thought out as well. They just didn't last more than 2 seasons for me and the abuse I put them through. If you liked those try the Korkers, they are very similar.

Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
I've been eyeing the Hyjacks for quite some time now. Even tried them on last time I was at Orvis. Gonna use my coupon next time I can get that way. They should be awesome for fishing (especially overnights) as well as off-trail hikes that include stream walking. Glad to hear the positive review
Buy them, you won't be disappointed. They also come with the Vibram sole for those who like that style.

Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post

Size 9 usually. If they fit and I like them, I might be interested in buying them off you. Shoot me an email at knxtravis80 at gmail dot com.

I am coming from a pair of Korkers that I have used for 4 years now. Last October at a bachelor party camping trip I left them too close to a campfire and it melted part of the soles away. I too like the convenience of having interchangeable soles, so I checked on the Korkers Hyjacks last time I was at LRO. Something about them I just didn't care for, but I wasn't testing how they perform in the water.
Travis, I looked this evening for the sandals and couldn't find them. I will continue to look and when I find them you can have them for free. I wouldn't charge someone for something my rancid foot had inhabited.

If I can't find them the Hyjacks are really a good shoe, and offer the flexibility to change sole types.

In some ways I feel sorry for Simms and other companies who are trying to force the market to adjust to their beliefs by only offering rubber on most of their boots.

The Rip Rap shoe would be ideal if it came in felt, and I wish they would make it with that option.
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