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Originally Posted by NDuncan View Post
Looks like an awesome day! And the water was at a pretty good level too. That's one nice looking Brookie!
Thanks! Water was perfect, even lower than I expected. It pays to know how to interpret stream gauges, rain gauges, and more importantly radar graphics

While it wasn't the best thing to see that the stream at Greenbrier (1.6) too high, it was exactly what rainfall graphics predicted. As I'm transitioning my skill set from just stream and rain gauges to mostly rainfall data, it was nice to see that it actually works

Since I didn't share the stream name, I'll let my fellow forum members in on the best way to predict where to go. Only caveat is that if we both show up at the same stream, you have to give it to me

Now just click and zoom in. No more downloading KMZ file to open in Google earth. Breaks down by days, hours, etc.
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