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The weird thing about the slam was catching a brown at 4000+ feet. I fish that stream a lot and have never, ever caught a brown further up than at least a mile downstream from where I was at. After I got him, I kept hoping for a tiger.

I still think taking a break did help me. I know my casting was better than ever. Maybe I had just gotten burned out.

Oh well, none the less, I had a freakin' blast yesterday.

Haha, the lucky feathers were from the poor bird that my cat enjoyed for a snack last week between hearty meals of Friskies and Kit n Kaboodle....I thought they might come to good use.

The pool that yielded 12....I caught 7 and then ha to stop and put on a new fly and took a smoke break. I guess after resting the pool for a few minutes 5 more decided to come out. I have never caught that many before out of the same pool, though.
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