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Default Clinch June 29 2013

I could not get in the water at the Clinch all week after work with the current flow schedule until Saturday. To say it was crowded is an understatement, finally as the water started to rise it turned on for me, not sure if a combo of water rising or everyone just chased them my way! Here are a couple of shots, I hit four of these and four bows all within an hour and a half, with two others breaking off, as usual it's always the biggest that breaks off, I just know it was big, brown and P.O.'ed. I hate taking pictures while I am fishing, due to possible loss of phone but mainly stressing the fish in this heat, the one in the net was the largest of those four except for the lost one!

Sunday was slower with one of these and 3 smaller bows, but compared with some days on the Clinch I gladly accept!

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