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I have fished Miller's the past two Saturdays. Both days have been really crowded. I always try to get there really early and beat most people to the water. That really doesn't seem to matter to most because both days I have had people come within 30 yards of me and start fishing.

However, I have caught quite a few fish both days but like I said earlier, the big bite seems to turn on right around 10:00 and right before the water gets there. This past Saturday was much slower and the fish seemed to be much more picky.

Here is a picture from a few weeks ago on The Clinch. Before anyone says anything about keeping a fish out of water for long periods of time, I had to set my rod down to pick this fish up with both hands and managed to set the fish down, take the fly out, and snap this picture in less than 15 seconds. This was my "okay, last cast" because the water was already coming up and I was worried I waited too long as it was. Being my first year fishing the Clinch, and totaling bombing out for about the first month or so, this is my biggest so far and may be the biggest on a fly rod for me.

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