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Originally Posted by Hooked_On_Fly_Fishing View Post
Thanks Chechem, that should set up nice then. Since I'm staying at Roosevelt it appears I'll be closer to the prime waters. Since the two guys going with me are expecting me to be the guide (scary thought) I want to make sure I do as much homework as possible to put us in the best spots to catch fish. This will be my second time to YSNP and their first trip.
We are all lucky to live close to the Smokies and this place will always have my heart……but Yellowstone is an amazing place and I can’t think of another place in the country that offers such diverse waters with amazing views in such a wild setting.
I love sitting on the porch at Roosevelt, eating ice cream from the store just 50' away. Nice place and a good location for accessing both Slough Creek and the Yellowstone (albeit a good drive south from there). Fewer people around Roosevelt than around Old Faithful, more wildlife in that area too, so it'll be fun. I even went on the cookout one night when there; corny and fun. Great food.

Also, take binoculars and watch for the wolves at the turn to Slough Creek. Plenty of good waters in that region.
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