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Originally Posted by Hooked_On_Fly_Fishing View Post the Hi is wadable with a two flow going? I was gonna give it a try last weekend until I saw the release schedule. When I saw two I assumed that like the Clinch I wouldn't be able to wade and went to the Clinch instead.

There are a number of places on the Wass that are wadable during 2 turbine flow if it is 2,800 CFM or less. I say that because if there is any substantial rainfall, they my opt to spill along with running two turbines and that can push the flow up considerably (has gone as high as 9,000 cfm) and then wading is no longer an option. Typically without and spilling, two generators will not exceed 2,800 which is basically all the water they can push through the turbines and if that is the case, you have some wading options.

Don Denney who is a member of the Hiwassee Trout Unlimited Chapter and the webmaster of has posted some information regarding areas that can be waded during two turbine flow. This is the link to some of the areas he has listed. I will state that I have waded this river on two turbines many times and in a number of places not on Don's list. IF you decide to wade on two turbines, excersize caution and have a wading staff to help navigate the river.
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