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I agree that these are an inexpensive means to protecting one’s I phone from water, both my son and I had purchased one and it did the job as they claim. However, several weeks ago while on a fishing trip, he pulled his out from his fly bag and dropped it in the process of taking a picture. The result was that the phone came into contact with a rock and cracked the face of the I-phone. While it does keep the phone dry, it does not offer an impact protection so one does have to exercise caution as not to repeat my son's situation if using one. I did not want to take any chances with my I Phone suffering the same fate so I made the investment and purchased an Otterbox armor series which cost me about $70 on Amazon. It offers the same submersion protection but also provides impact protection if it slips from my grip and comes into contact with a hard surface. Like the e-case, all the buttons function and it takes clear pictures, just puts me more at ease to know it is protected if I drop it. Furthermore, I do not remove it from the case, I keep it in there at all times as I can charge it, listen to music using the ear phones or without while always remaining in this vault of a phone case. These are obviously more expensive but could pay for itself in the long run.

Just my two cents worth.
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