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Default 2 Huge Brown Trout on the Clinch with Rocky Top Anglers

Started the day not knowing if today would be anything but another day of rain but had to get out there and fish. Met with a great friend on his day off from guiding. Some of you might know him as Michael Cox a.k.a. Rocky of Rocky Top Anglers.

The day started with me on oar duty as Rocky started pounding the banks with streamers. Plenty of Rainbow flashes but no takes. The water was 51 degrees.

Fish on!! And in hand!! 24"....7 lbs. of pure beauty!!

He was drunk with happiness and it was my turn to attempt the same kind of enjoyment that I had just been witness to. Rocky with the oars I'm back to pounding the banks truly wondering what that fish must have felt like being brought in on the reel.

My fish on and it was the largest trout and Brown that I have ever caught on a fly rod and streamer!!

26 in. and 8 lbs!!!

This is what can happen when two friends get together for a day of fishing.

The rain started to move in around lunch so we called it a day. 2 hrs., 2 magnificent brown trout.

Rocky, Thank you for the mentoring, guidance and for assisting with the catch of a lifetime right here in East Tn.!!! You are an Excellent Guide!!

Thank You,


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