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Originally Posted by JoeFred View Post
On Saturday I finally got to fish for the first time this year
That's disturbing

Many people who live 4+ hours away have been here at least twice already

You need to get out more. I know you have the Little River in your backyard and all, but surely you aren't THAT old yet

Glad you got out and thanks for the post. I couldn't guess accurately the water level with you up there although it looked pretty high. If you had a pic upstream from the bridge I could probably guess well. Also be sure to check out the bridge gauge where greenbrier rd. and 321 meet. I'm guessing anything over 1.4 would be unfishable in most places with things starting to get uncomfortable for most around a foot or 1.2. 4 inches was pretty low. 8 inches was about perfect. Would love for others to chime in on this.
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