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Hey Don,

You left the guys email address in the reply

To some extent a Brookie may be a Brookie, but to me I'm much more proud of my 10 1/8 inch Brookie from Raven Fork Gorge or the 10 inch Brookie I caught on Sams than of the 15 inch Brookie I caught from the Tuskegee or the 14 inch northern strain I caught on the Clinch. To each their own I guess

In fact, I was a lot less impressed with Jay B and NDuncan's huge Brookies from their trip to VA once I realized they were northern strain. I can go to Cherokee and fish for 20+ inch Brookies there if that were my thing, but somehow that Southern Brook trout just does it for me. To each their own, and Mac and I recently had this same conversation and to him the distinction didn't mean much.

Acid rain not poaching is your culprit so I doubt policing (minus the air) would do anything to help the Brookies on this. Funny how the argument seems to be whether or not "global warming" is happening when the science is concrete that the Acid Rain is killing our streams. I do however like your policy of keeping rainbows out of Brookie streams

There is conflicting data about how rainbows and Brookies exist together, and hopefully we can learn in the future how different restorations seem to work out. Places in the park where rainbows were all removed, or places like Sycamore creek where some rainbows were removed. If this industry was a "cash cow" we would have more data.

I never heard anybody suggest that Brookies should be on the "Endangered list". I have had many conversation with the fisheries biologist, and from your comments doubt that you have. You should spend a day out working with them. I will be happy to make that happen for you. They even have experience with grumpy old men who write fishing books in the Smokies

"Lucrative funding" "Cash Cow" "Cottage Industry"

Come on

The park doesn't make any money off fishing license, has less regulation than either State it sits in, and "Policing poaching" would be a complete waste of time as it would do nothing help park streams. The study you point out is done by KC through Penn State not some major corporation with satellites offices etc If Matt Kulp or Steve Moore is getting rich off these Brookies they sure are doing a good job at hiding the money In the whole park there are only 2 full time fisheries positions. 2 more that work 1/2 the year, then the half dozen fisheries student interns, and a couple more interns that come from weird funding sources. If anything we need more funding for our fisheries staff

I will be volunteering (lucrative venture where I get away from kids and wife you caught me) doing 3 days of genetics work above Fish Camp next week. Let me know if you have any questions for either the fisheries biologists or KC?
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