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Originally Posted by NDuncan View Post
It's edible, tastes like a mix between Thyme and mint, but has a very bitter initial taste because of an alkaloid it contains which is semi theraputic as a pain killer - the Cherokee used it for tooth aches and migraines. For culinary use, it's mainly used to flavor meat (the leaves). I plan on roasting some trout stuffed with it this year to see how that is.
Chemistry Teacher - Alkaloids - Sounds like a popular TV show

Thought everyone was crazy about Frog's Fanny? This guy makes a blue version that will float a dry fly for days, and with perfect crystal structure for those of you with microscopes

But if that didn't create enough of a problem for the community, he went even further to plague society by cooking the stuff and selling it cheap on the street. Known as Track (trout Crack) on the street and referred to as BBBT (Bee Balm Brook Trout) by more educated folks
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