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Default One of Those Days When You Knew You Should Have Stayed Home

I knew the water was high with all the rain. I had checked all the gauges, plus common sense would tell one that no steam in NC is going to be ideal for fishing or wading right now.

However, I wanted to go fishing, so I went today. The water was high, fast, stained, and wading was not easy and even dangerous in some spots. I only fished a few hours, managing 6 or 8 small rainbows and a small brown.

With fishing time cut down, I decided to be somewhat productive and do a little scouting and recon, so on the bright side, I did find a semi easy, less deadly access point to a feeder I have been wanting to try out, so when the water settles down, I know where I am heading next.

Near the end of the day, I met up with a new fishing buddy. His name is Buck Velvet.

Typical water and fish size for the day.

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