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Originally Posted by JoeFred View Post
These are pics of stream above the bridge.
What does your calibrated eye level gauge say?

– JF
Getting to be the high side of good. Of the 2 places you see the water falling in your pic. If there is no water coming off the left falls and right falls is about 1/2 current flow showing much more of v notch on right falls its really low. No water on left and right looking about same in you pic (maybe little less) is good low. No flow on left, right looking like your shot is medium. Few drops starting to fall over left but not so wide over (probably 1/3 as wide as you pic of L) where most water comes through left crack and not over the dome rock still is medium high. Your shot is high as would be comfortable for me (higher than some like it). I am very familiar with whitewater and know how these conditions will most likely effect me and am comfortable swimming Class 4 whitewater. Everyone please be careful with any water in this stretch over medium as the currents can be very swift and find safe limits that are appropriate to ones ability. When the left falls is a solid 4 foot wide fall with the top middle rock and v slot of left falls is under the curtain of falls it's time to pick another stream
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