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Default I'm Back

After 26 days of being out of state I am back. I did get to fish some while I was out of state also. The first part of the time there was a salmon fly hatch. I was able to wade the Gallatin mainly in the canyon. The fish in the Gallatin are as strong as any trout I have hooked. They are constantly having to fight a strong current. I was able to float the lower Madison with some guys I met. It was the first time I had ever floated a river. I had a great time and will need to learn to fight larger fish. The other place I fished was a glacial lake hidden in a national forest. We camped for a couple of days and fished the whole time. Fly fishing was harder than the spin fishing. The water was so clear that you could see forever. It was very frustrating to fish because you could see giant fish and they could see you through the glassy surface. I had a great time fishing these areas. One day I will go back out and fish the park. It was about an hour drive from where I was staying this time.
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