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Hey just wanted to say thanks to everyone. Took your alls advise and we went for camp 24. They did great and I look forward to getting back up there for a couple days in the future. It was a very pleasant hike in (though humid) and out (beautiful weather). We got hit by a pretty good Tstorm that evening after dinner so the fishing got cut short as we retreated to the tents. But I can see that that would be a fun place to explore. Did pick up a couple rainbows before the rain. The only recommendation I would add is to avoid Site C (I think, where the second set of cables are). There were a lot of low areas in there that filled up with runoff from the rain. THe other spots were fine. Cool part/little nerve racking was in the morning while eating breakfast a bear visited the site. Literally. He came into camp and aired the smells. Then walked over to the cables and aired our packs up in the cables. He was not at all aggressive and everybody kept cool. Just tried to look big (ha ha) standing on the boulders and encouraging him to get on. Wish I had the camera.

We took a few hours after hiking out the following day and hit Road Prong and picked up about 15 bows and brookies. Probably missed twice as many.

Anyways, thanks for encouraging going to 24. The advise was spot on.
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