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Originally Posted by Hooked_On_Fly_Fishing View Post
Hey Chechem,

I am leaving this Friday (7/26) for Yellowstone. I've read some reports on line but I wanted to see if you have heard anything from your buddy who guides in the area. I think the weather and water flows for the streams in the NE corner should be perfect. I'll post a report when I get back to let you know how I did.
I am traveling in WV this week, and haven't heard from him. But Slough Creek and the Yellowstone should be HOT this time of year. Yellow or orange stimulators are always good there, as are all of the summer flies.

From the web this week: "Slough Creek Updated July 20
Green Drake, Gray Drake, and PMD hatches may bring up fish midday, but we are actually doing just as well if not better using spent caddis to imitate the egglaying caddis that hatched out the night before. Expect heavy crowds in the First and Lower Meadows."
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