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The Boudreauxs are an easy tie.
sz 12 scud hook
beadchain eyes
silver tinsel body
one black hackle feather

1. Tie in your beadchain eyes and wrap thread past barb of hook.
2. Tie in a tail of 5-6 barbs near the back of your hackle fiber. The longer fibers right before the webby feathers are what I try for.
3. Tie in silver tinsel and your hackle feather. Wind thread back to the beadchain eyes.
4. Palmer the tinsel around the hook shank to form the body. Tie off at eyes.
5. Palmer hackle to the eyes and tye off. Form head in front of beadchain and whip finish.
6. Trim the hackle tips to about 1/4" all the way around. Leave the tail long.
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