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Default Night fishing...

Some years back when I first started writing I got into night fly fishing on rivers. It's a lot of fun, but like most other fishing, success was good some times, and average other times. I did it a lot on the Chucky where I knew the shoals quite well. My experience on tailwater rivers is nil.

Rivers become different places in the dark. Shoals will sometimes crowd with enormous soft shell turtles and things you did not know frequent waters you thought you know will surprise you. It can be a bit spooky at times.

We once lost our way out of the Chucky and ended tramping through a head-high corn field for a couple of hours until we saw car lights that enabled us to find a road. We arrived home about 3:00 am to families that were about ready to kill us. Caught some nice fish though, which made it an accepatable pennance.
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