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TN Jed I have went night fishing for large trout numerous times. I have done a little in Michigan and the rest on a spring creek near my home. It is interesting and as posted the trout stream becomes a different place at night. Sometimes a little eerie and spooky.

In my experience it has been a hit or miss deal. I have only stayed out for a few hours and not past 1:00 AM. I think everyone should try it.

I still remember one night I made my first cast and thought I cast too far and got snagged on the far bank. As I tried to pull my line free I noticed it moving to my left. As the fact hit me I was into a large trout there was a commotion on the surface and my leader snapped.

I had best luck with unweighted sculpin patterns, large unweighted wooley buggers and similar flies. I have not had much success with mouse patterns. I like something that goes just beneath the surface so it makes a wake when retrieved. Best of luck and be certain and post a reply if you go.
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