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Originally Posted by bigsur View Post
do not let that special day, no matter what it is slip away, whether it's your birthday, your child's or friend's, do not fall for the trap of it's too far, it's too hard, it's too early, or all the other excuses we use to keep us separated from those times and experiences that life offers up on occasion. The job will be there Monday morning, the house payment is always due every thirty days, the water heater is always going to break, but those special days and times are the foundations for a house of memories. Tight Lines Forever!
Nicely said Most people are so overwhelmed with their lives and stuck in a series of routines that they often feel trapped or unable to do the things that give one fulfillment and happiness. Nice to show an example of how you can get out there and make the most of your life while still managing your responsibilities

And Happy Birthday. It's only a number. I have been whooped by old men in their sixties and seventies hiking off trail in the Smokies, and paddle some pretty decent whitewater with people in their sixties and seventies. Your just a Spring chicken
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